Englisches Seminar

Veranstaltungen im Wintersemester 2018/19

Movie Night

We invite you to a new season of English movie nights! We will watch movies connected to the history, literature, or culture of English-speaking countries, i.e. the US, England, and Australia, and talk about issues raised in the movies in an informal environment.

Join the screening and enjoy the complementary snacks and drinks that our friends from Unterwegs e.V. bring to share. You are also welcome to bring your own. Did somebody say popcorn?

Come along to enjoy a comfortable cinematic experience while learning something relevant to your studies, engage with fellow students, and put your name into the raffle box to win a prize at the end of the semester!

Dates and Movies (trailers):

Go to: Entry in Campus, Facebook Event

Pub Crawl

Tour durch die Tübinger Kneipen für alle Studenten & Dozenten des Englischen Seminars, mit Unterstützung von Unterwegs e.V.

Mittwoch, 14.11.2018 ab ca. 19 Uhr