Englisches Seminar

Bachelor of Education


For all students starting in the 2015/16 winter semester or after, the B.Ed., or Bachelor of Education, has replaced the previous Lehramt GymPO program.

B. Ed. Höheres Lehramt an Beruflichen Schulen mit Schwerpunkt Sozialpädagogik

Students pursuing a career as a teacher at a professional school (Berufsschule) or in the field of social pedagogy may choose this program of studies.

Module Handbooks

Exam Regulations & Module Handbooks

Please refer to the website of the Registrar's Office (Prüfungsamt) for current and archived versions of examination regulations (Prüfungsordnungen) and module handbooks. Any copies offered for download on the pages of the English Department are offered for your convenience only and not guaranteed to be up to date.