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corpus linguistics, semantics, morphology, quantitative linguistics, Indonesian language, word in paradigm


Forschungs Statement

I am currently working on a project of Indonesian nominalising prefixes peN- and pe-. I applied a corpus-based quantitative analysis in seeing their productivity, as well as their semantics distribution.


Journal articles

Denistia, K. (2018). Revisiting the Indonesian prefixes peN-, pe2- and per-. Linguistik Indonesia, 36(2): 145-159. Revisiting the Indonesian prefixes.pdf


Rajeg, G. P. W., Denistia. K. (2018). Working with a linguistics corpus using R: An introductory note with Indonesian negating construction. Linguistik Indonesia, 36(1): 1-36.


Denistia, K. (2014). The distribution of the agentive nominalizer of the suffixes –er and –an. Phenomena: Journal of language and literature, 14(1): 50-60.


In proceeding

Denistia, K., Baayen. R. H. (2018). Pe- and PeN-: A corpus based analysis in allomorphy. In K. E. Sukamto (Eds.) Prosiding Kongres Internasional Masyarakat Linguistik Indonesia (KIMLI) 2018 (pp. 179-183).


Submitted / under revision

Denistia, K., Baayen. R. H., The Indonesian prexes PE- and PEN-: A study in productivity and paradigmatic structure.


Denistia, K., Shafaei-Bajestan, E., Baayen, R. H., Semantic vector model on the Indonesian prefixes pe- and peN-


Conference presentation

July 2017 International Cognitive Linguistics Conference (ICLC 14), Tartu - Estonia

“Form-Meaning Relationships of the Indonesian Prefixes pe- and peN- and its Allomorphs”


May 2018 18th International Morphology Meeting, Budapest – Hungary

“Productivity and Paradigmatic Relations: A Corpus Based Analysis of Affix Substitution in Indonesian”


August 2018 International Conference of Indonesian Linguistics Association, Manokwari – Indonesia

Pe- and PeN- and Ber- and MeN-: A Corpus Based Analysis of Affix Substitution”


Sept 2018 11th International Conference on the Mental Lexicon, Edmonton – Canada

“A semantic vector model for the Indonesian prefixes pe- and peN-