Philosophisches Seminar


Every year the Philosophy Department of the University of Tuebingen attracts many visiting students not only from Europe but from all parts of the world. They do not only find an academically challenging surrounding but also spend their year abroad in one of the nicest regions in Germany. Below you find some basic information that may help you with your decision to come to one of the leading philosophical institutions in Germany. This page also includes information for German students who wish to participate in an exchange with one of our partner universities.

Information for Visiting Students

The department:
The Philosophy Department at the University of Tübingen is one of the oldest departments in Germany. Being located in the Old Burse built in 1480 it borders the Tübinger Stift in the west where Schelling, Hegel and Hölderlin have passed their years as students and the Hölderlin Tower in the east where Hölderlin has spent his last years of his life. Philosophy is everywhere. But not only Tübingens philosophers of the past are well known also today the department hosts researches with an international reputation who belong to the best in their respective field. Furthermore a body of young assistants and researchers help to add to a stimulating and personal atmosphere in our department. A distinguishing feature of the Philosophy Department are its extraordinarily strong ties to members of other disciplines. Apart from being specialists in their respective field they all have a philosophical background and add to the departments diversity while securing high-quality discussions even when approaching rather technical questions.

Here you can find the course catalogue of the current semester. The titles of the courses are normally available from July for the following winter semester and from January for the summer semester. For changing the semester please click on the word “Semester” in the upper menu.

The courses taught at the philosophical department comprise lectures (Vorlesungen V) as well as seminars. The latter consist of undergraduate seminars (Proseminare PS) for students in their first four semesters, special beginners courses as well as graduate courses (Hauptseminar HS) that are for Bachelor students in their third year and for master students. Very often students can also attend tutorials that accompany lectures as well as seminars. Advanced and doctoral students are welcome to attend rather small and personal seminars (Oberseminare OS; Doktorandenkolloquium) which can either have a certain topic or discuss the projects of the respective participants.

If not otherwise specified, all courses are taught in German. There are in average 8-10 courses each semester that are taught in English (but we can’t guarantee that this is the case every semester, since it depends on the teachers’ offer).

Here you find a list of how many points you will receive for each type of course (List in German).

If you have further questions concerning exchange programs you are welcome to contact exchangespam