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Graduiertenkolleg "Grounding Self and Agency"

Ab Oktober 2009 besteht an der Universität Tübingen zunächst für 2 Jahre das Graduiertenkolleg "Grounding Self and Agency" (Sprecherin: Prof. Dr. Sabine Döring), in dem Tübinger Philosophen gemeinsam mit Tübinger Neurowissenschaftlern des Exzellenzclusters CIN (Center for Integrative Neuroscience) der Frage der Handlungssteuerung und den dazu erforderlichen kognitiven Fähigkeiten (speziell Selbstrepräsentation) nachgehen:

Research Training Group (Graduiertenkolleg) Grounding Self and Agency

The research training group Grounding Self and Agency, of which Sabine Doering is speaker, has been granted a start-up funding: 6 PhD scholarships, each for 2 years, half Philosophy, half Cognitive Neuroscience.

The proposed Graduiertenkolleg Grounding Self and Agency brings together researchers from the cognitive sciences and philosophy in order to establish substantial scientific exchange and to promote young doctoral researchers within the framework of a clearly defined and well-structured research and training program. This program will provide an integrated and interdisciplinary investigation into key aspects of agency and self-directedness, centering around the minds capacity for representing both the world and itself. Grounding self and agency forms a multi-faceted unity, providing an ideal focus of interdisciplinary research, with the aim of developing clearly conceptualized models of agency and self-directedness which can be operationalized and thus be tested empirically. This ambitious aim can be approached by using different methodologies on different levels, i.e. the neural, behavioral, representational, procedural, and the phenomenal level. To integrate these various levels and areas into a comprehensive theoretical framework is a major challenge and requires cooperation between the empirical cognitive sciences and philosophy. Thus, the key idea of the Graduiertenkolleg is to form tandem-projects, i.e. projects conducted in cooperation between cognitive scientists and philosophers, in order to encourage integrated and inter disciplinary collaboration as effectively as possible. Moreover, each proposed project will be jointly conducted by two PhD students representing the two disciplines. Being embedded into the excellent research environment offered by the interdisciplinary Center for Integrative Neuroscience (CIN), the Graduiertenkolleg promises to achieve our ambitious aim.

Tandem Projects

Was it me? The neurocognitive and philosophical basis of agency

Prof. Dr. Sabine Döring (Philosophy), Dr. Axel Lindner (Cognitive Neuroscience),
Dr. Matthis Synofzik (Cognitive Neuroscience, Philosophy)

Beingsomewhere - spatial contents of self-representations and their role in spatial cognition

PD Dr. Frank Hofmann (Philosophy), Prof. Dr. Hanspeter Mallot (Cognitive Neuroscience)

Neural correlates of non-verbal metacognitive skills in human and non-human primates

Prof. Dr. Andreas Nieder (Cognitive Neuroscience), Dr. Tobias Schlicht (Neurophilosophy)