Philosophisches Seminar



Vortrag: "Logical Grounds"

Vortrag von Prof. Fabrice Correia, "Logical Grounds"

Ort: Alte Burse - Raum X,

Termin: Donnerstag, 29.11.12, 18 Uhr c. t.

Logical Grounds

Philosophers have recently displayed a strong interest in the idea that some facts or truths hold in virtue of - or, as they say, are grounded in - other facts or truths. Grounding comes in various sorts, and my talk will focus on logical grounding as opposed to e. g. metaphysical or normative grounding. I will (i) offer a proof-theoretic characterisation of the concept relative to propositional and first-order languages, (ii) show that so characterized, the concept can be used to characterize some notions of truth-in-a-model and various semantic consequence relations, and finally (iii) connect my concept of logical grounding with the notion of groundedness put forward by Kripke in his "Outline of a Theory of Truth".