Philosophisches Seminar



Vortrag: "Ontology: Formal versus Material" - ACHTUNG NEUER TERMIN

Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Achille Varzi (Columbia University, NY)

"Ontology: Formal versus Material"

Ort: Forum Philosophicum, Alte Burse, Raum X,

Termin: 16.01.13, 18 Uhr c. t. (Da Prof. Dr. Achille Varzi erkrankt ist, muss sein Vortrag AM 9.01.13, 18 Uhr, Alte Burse - Raum X, abgesagt werden. Neuer Termin ist: Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013, 18 Uhr c. t., Alte Burse, Raum X)

Abstract: There are two main ways of characterizing the business of ontology. On one account, made popular by Quine, ontology is concerned with the material question of what there is, a question that is often identified with the task of drawing up a “complete inventory” of the universe. On the other, which made its way into our times through Brentano and his pupils, ontology is concerned with the task of laying bare the formal structure of all there is, whatever it is. My question, here, is whether one can pursue one sort of theory without also engaging in the other—whether, or to what extent, the tasks of material ontology presuppose the backing of some formal-ontological theory and, more importantly, whether or to what extent formal ontology can be, in the material sense of the term, ontologically neutral.