Philosophisches Seminar



Vortrag "Why Moral Epistemology Must Be Virtue Epistemology" und Seminarankündigung

Auf Einladung von Frau Prof. Döring kommt im Rahmen eines Erasmus-Dozentenaustauschs Dr. Michael Lacewing vom Heythrop Collegein London in der Woche vom 22. bis 26. April nach Tübingen.

Am 25. April, 18 Uhr c.t. wird er einen Vortrag mit dem Titel "Why Moral Epistemology Must Be Virtue Epistemology" im Raum X der Burse halten.

Zudem wird er in der angegebnen Woche ein Seminar zum Thema"Psychoanalysis and its contribution to philosophy" halten.

Die Beschreibung des Seminars: A central fundamental philosophical question, at the heart of ourproject of understanding ourselves, concerns the nature of the humanmind. Philosophical theorising is, quite rightly therefore, influencedby theories and claims in psychology. The most notable example inrecent times, of course, is that of cognitive psychology, and morerecently, neuroscience. But the central claims of psychoanalysis havemore typically been overlooked in the development of philosophicaltheories. This one-week seminar presents and defends the cogency ofthese claims before examining their implications for four areas ofphilosophy: the theory of emotion, the personal/sub-personaldistinction, the foundation of morality in reason or love, and thenature of aesthetic appreciation and creativity. In each case, it willbe argued that psychoanalysis corrects and deepens our appreciation ofthe philosophical debate.