Philosophisches Seminar



Workshop: Functions, Proofs, Constructions

21-23 February 2014, Tübingen

The aim of the workshop is to bring together philosophers, historians as well as mathematician and computer scientists to discuss questions such as: Which kind of algorithms are proofs?, Can the constructive notion of proof be fully grasped in terms of some notion of function?, What is the distinctive feature of the class of inference rules among that of all possible operations?, In which sense are the notions of proof and function impredicative and how does impredicativity manifest itself?, Which are the identity conditions for proofs and functions?

Confirmed Speakers:

Ryota Akiyoshi (Kyoto)

Mark Van Atten (Paris)

Stefania Centrone (Hamburg)

Thierry Coquand (Gothenburg)

Walter Dean (Warwick)

Giulio Guerrieri (Rome-Paris)

Fritz Hamm (Tübingen)

Reinhard Kahle (Lisbon)

Alberto Naibo (Paris)

Mattia Petrolo (Paris)

Dag Prawitz (Stockholm)

Peter Schroeder-Heister (Tübingen)

Peter Schuster (Leeds)

Anton Setzer (Swansea)

Stewart Shapiro (Ohio)

Göran Sundholm (Leiden)

Yuta Takahashi (Keyo)

For more information and a full programme please visit:

Anyone interested in the topic of the workshop is welcome. If you intend to come, please send an email to Marine Gaudefroy-Bergmann by *9 February*.

The workshop is organized by Luca Tranchini (Tübingen) and Marco Panza (IHPST, Paris) as part of the DFG-financed project `Logical Consequence. Proof-theoretic and epistemological perspective' (Tr1112/1).