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Workshop "Proof and Dialogues" (ProDi)

Workshop "Proof and Dialogues" (ProDi)

The workshop takes place at Schloß Hohentübingen, seminar room 165, from 25.
to 27.02.2011.

The ProDi workshop focuses on the relationship between proof-theoretic and dialogical approaches to logic. Formally, it is an internal meeting organised by two collaborative research projects within the ESF programme "Modelling intelligent interaction - Logic in the Humanities, Social and Computational sciences (LogICCC)" together with some external experts (including Andreas Blass, George Metcalfe, Helge Rückert and Morten Sørensen).

Participants are welcome to attend the proceedings.

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Christian Fermüller
Peter Schroeder-Heister
Thomas Piecha
Luca Tranchini