Philosophisches Seminar

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Spohn


Principal Investigator des Cluster of Excellence „Machine Learning: New Perspectives for Science“



Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Spohn
Universität Tübingen
Philosophisches Seminar
Bursagasse 1
D - 72070 Tübingen

Tel. +49 7531 882503 (in Konstanz)
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Professor em. für Philosophie und Wissenschaftstheorie der Universität Konstanz
Fachbereich Philosophie
78457 Konstanz


Erkenntnistheorie, Wissenschaftstheorie, Philosophie der Sprache und des Geistes, Ontologie und Metaphysik, Philosophische Logiken, Philosophie der Mathematik, Praktische Rationalität (Entscheidungs- und Spieltheorie)


I am whole-heartedly a 20th and 21st century analytic philosopher. I have a high respect for the history of philosophy. But I enjoy standing on the shoulders of the great thinkers of the past and at the frontier of the history of thought (that's easy; there is so far nobody living after me). I fully believe that the deep philosophical questions which are with us since many centuries are not at all exhausted, that philosophy is still a progressive enterprise, that it must look back at its history, look aside to its fellow disciplines, and connect to society, but most of all look forward to what to do about its essential questions, that this is its way to be most fruitful, and that it is doomed if it forgets about this.