Philosophische Fakultät

How to Navigate the Uni Tuebingen Alma Portal to find classes

How to View Course Catalogues 

  • Click the bottom option, ‘Vorlesungsverzeichnis anzeigen 

  • Click on the ‘+’ button on any of the ‘Fakultät’ to view the different departments 

  • For example, click on ‘Philosophische Fakultät 

  • Click on the ‘+’ to view the different degree paths in each subject 

  • For example, click ‘Germanistik 

  • Click on the ‘+’ to view the different ‘modul’ requirements for each subject 

  • For example, click ‘M.A. Deutsche Literatur (Version 2016) 

  • Continue to the click the tree of ‘+’ underneath a ‘modul’ to see a list of possible classes 

  • For example, click on ‘Basismodul 3: Neuere deutsche Literatur (18.-20. Jh.), then click the ‘+’ next to ‘Veranstaltungen, then the ‘+’ next to (2510) OS Neuere Deutsche Literatur, and below will be a list of possible classes offered for the upcoming semester 

  • Click on the ‘+’ next to a listed class to see the link to the class description 

  • For example, click on ‘Ndl OS Literatur und Medien um 1800: “Die Horen” 

  • Click the link to view the class. Once you do this, it will take you to a new page 

  • On this new page, you can view information about the class by clicking through the different blue tabs towards the top of the page, including  

  • Grunddaten’ for a description and possible literature used 

  • Parallelgruppen/Termine’ to view the times and days the class is held, as well as the lecturer/professor responsible 


How to Search for Classes 

  • Click on 

  • Click on the ‘Studienangebot’ tab at the top of the page 

  • Click on the top option, ‘Veranstaltungen suchen 

  • Next to ‘Semester’ you can change which semester classes to search 

  • Next to ‘Suchbegriff/-e’ you can enter in your query, such as subject, language, teacher, or anything 

  • To search for classes in English, click on the magnifying glass link below titled ‘Erweiterte Suche 

  • In the field ‘Lehrsprache’ use the arrow to select ‘englisch’ from the drop down menu 

  • You can also search a title, subject, or teacher in ‘Suchbegriffe/-e,’ or simply see the whole list of English classes by clicking ‘Suchen’ at the bottom of the page 

  • Seach through classes by clicking through the numbers at the bottom of the page to switch between search results