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Onur Yamaner is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Social Anthropology and Sociology, Universidad de Valencia, Spain. He worked in the Department of History, Yeditepe University, Istanbul as a research assistant between 2015 and 2017. He taught Social Anthropology for a semester at Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus. He joined the department for the summer term 2019 as a teach@tübingen fellow.

In his scientific work, he is interested in discourse analysis, women's history, gender studies, discourse in politics and politics in discourse, the integration process of Syrian refugees, state-religion relations, digital hate speech and social media as an information source. 

He works on social exclusion of Syrian female refugees as a woman and as a refugee in Turkey. He uses Foucauldian discourse analysis to understand the intersectionality of discrimination of female Syrian refugees. He is especially interested in the relation between discursive and social exclusion. His research examines discriminatory discourses towards Syrian refugees by following Van Dijk's critical discourse analysis method. In his work he combines the analysis of popular doscourse (via interviews) with the analysis of Turkish printed mainstream media and social media about Syrian refugees.