Learning Tool Kit

The Learning Tool Kit offers a variety of learning resources to develop the competences of validation experts. To this end, it provides high quality learning and teaching materials for the professionalization of validation practitioners, some of which can be used as so-called Open Educational Resources (OER) without legal copyright issues.

Validation experts are:

  • The validation assessor is able to adequately (1) provide an assessment of the prior learning experiences of the participant, using a number of relevant competence-based assessment tools, and (2) write a report focusing on the summative as well as the formative outcomes of the assessment.
  • The validation trainer has the pedagogical, didactical and subject-specific expertise to train validation experts in fields like assessment, guidance and management.
  • The validation guide/tutor has expertise in validation-processes and is able to (individual level) assist learners in their personal validation-process and (organizational level) assist trainers, teachers, assessors and administrators in designing, implementing and evaluating validation processes for adult learners.
  • The validation manager is able to demonstrate systematic understanding of validation processes and managing these processes in a specific context with a team of validation experts.”

To find learning materials of interest to you, follow these steps: In the first step, you can select a competence aspect. In the second step, you choose a competence area in which you would like to learn more. Finally, select the language in which you want to find learning material. Then all resources related to the selected competence area will appear in the corresponding language with a short description of the content, a link to the material and an indication of which region the material refers to.

The PROVE Learning Tool Kit can be found at: https://www.prove-ltk.eu/