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A comparison study of the Implications of Class Diversity for Teacher Education between Germany and China

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Prof. Dr. Thorsten Bohl (Tübingen), Naien Dai, M.A.


With the globalization, immigration and societies in times of Change, teachers are currently facing a number of tensions as pressures. Perhaps one of the most intension is on the issue of the ongoing class diversity. Both the secondary educations in Germany and China are facing the challenges of unavoidable diversity happening in classes, which certainly makes teaching and educating teachers much more difficult than it has ever been before. Consequently there are expectations that new teachers need to be trained as whom have learned to teach pupils with the professionalism to cope with the pupils who have multi-cultural backgrounds and variable learning competences. This call for an improvement in the teacher education is still under discussed, so it helps when we understand more precisely how class diversity implicates teacher students in their teacher training programs. Thus this comparative project has the intent to focus on the relationship between teacher education and the ongoing class diversity. An empirical case study conducted in Baden-Württemberg and Shanghai also involved in this project, which mainly target on the teacher students who’re nearly about to finish their studies.

The empirical research questions are:


2013 – 2016


China Scholarship Council/State of Shanghai