Institut für Politikwissenschaft

Research Unit Comparative Public Policy

Comparative Public Policy is rooted in various social science theories and focused on the empirical analysis of policies. How can policies and processes of policy-making be analytically described and explained? In Tübingen we focus in particular on the analysis of economic and social policies in affluent democracies. We analyse and compare policies across nations, but also have a strong focus on policies of the European Union.


Cecilia Bruzelius (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
Julia Buchner (Administration)
Hendrik Dahlhoff (Student Research Assistant)
Rolf Frankenberger (Academic Employee, Academic Councillor)
Manuel Glattbach (Student Research Assistant)
Mikko Kuisma (Research Fellow)
Martin Seeleib-Kaiser (Professor of Comparative Public Policy)



Selected Publications


Journal of European Social Policy