Institut für Politikwissenschaft

Beatrice Schimmang, M.A.

Beatrice Schimmang conducts her doctoral research study at the department of “International Relations/ Peace and Conflict Research” at the Institute of Political Science.

She deals with occurrences of path dependencies in EU foreign policy and addresses in particular the problem to what extent path-dependent continuities take shape in the EU’s Mediterranean policy and how they concretely look like.

Her general research interest is situated in the field of European integration in International Relations.


Beatrice Schimmang (2011) „Change and Continuity, Two Faces of the Same Coin: The Development of the EU’s Mediterranean Policy“, in: Mensur Akgun & Lenka Peťková (Hrsg.) Young Minds Rethinking the Mediterranean (Istanbul: Global Political Trends Center, Istanbul Kültür University).