Institut für Politikwissenschaft



Institutskolloquium: Constitutions as Intergenerational Contracts

Jörg Tremmel, Uni Tübingen at Wednesday, 08.11.17, 16.15 h in Room 124, IfP

Constitutions enshrine the fundamental values of a people and they build a framework for a state’s public policy. With regard to generational change, their endurance gives rise to two interlinked concerns: the sovereignty concern and the (forgone) welfare concern. If constitutions are intergenerational contracts, how (in)flexible should they be? The talk debates ideas such as perpetual constitutions, sunset constitutions, constitutional reform commissions and constitutional conventions both historically and analytically. It arrives at the conclusion that recurrent constitutional reform commissions in fixed time intervals strike the best balance between the necessary rigidity and the necessary flexibility of constitutions.
Jörg Tremmel is a Permanent Lecturer (Privatdozent) at Eberhard Karls University Tübingen. From 2010 to 2016, he was the incumbent of a Junior Professorship for Intergenerationally Just Policies at the Institute for Political Science of Tübingen University. His research interests lie mainly in Political Theory/Political Philosophy.