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The Israeli – Palestinian Conflict in the Shadow of Donald Trump

Talk and discussion with Jamal Juma, Monday, 14th May 2018 18:00 hrs c.t. in Hörsaal 22, Kupferbau

Since the foundation of the State of Israel 70 years ago, Palestinians suffer from forced displacement, since half a century from Israeli occupation. On the basis of the current situation, Jamal Jum’a discusses questions of the future for the Palestinian people and challenges Europe faces in this context.

Jamal Jum’a, with a background in sociology from Birzeit University, is Chief Coordinator of “Stop the Wall”, a campaign that connects peoples’ committees in Palestinian municipalities affected by the Israeli built Wall in the occupied Westbank. He also serves on the Secretariat of the World Social Forum, and his expertise was sought at various UN conferences. Within Palestine, is a founding member of the Palestinian Agricultural Aid Committee, of the Palestinian Association for Cultural Exchange, and the Palestinian Network for the Environment.