Institut für Sportwissenschaft

Sport Psychology Workshop for Sport Scientists from the University of Bagdad

On April 1, 2017 the Department for Sport Psychology and Research Methods welcomed 12 sport scientists from the University of Baghdad as well as other universities in Iraq for a 10-hour sport psychology workshop at the Institute of Sports. The workshop commenced with a lecture by Prof. Dr. Oliver Höner on talent development in sport. Prof. Dr. Höner used examples from the scientific support of the German Soccer Association’s talent development program in order to discuss various talent characteristics with the colleagues from Iraq. Next, Dr. Florian Schultz provided an overview of the psychological foundation and existing research with respect to awareness and anticipation in sport. In addition, Dr. Schultz presented current studies regarding cognitive performance diagnostics with soccer goalkeepers. To conclude the workshop, Dr. Johannes Raabe lectured on the topic of motivation in sport and discussed practical strategies for fostering optimal coaching behaviors with the attendees. We would like to thank Dr. Verena Burk for organizing the workshop and Mr. Fayad Sultan for his assistance as a translator.