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M.Sc. European Management

After successfully finishing your Bachelor with a European perspective, you think that pursuing the European idea is only possible if you actively live it? Then, this program gives you the chance to do so.

The integrated double degree Master program in European Management is conducted in cooperation with the Università degli studi di Pavia (Italy), the EM Strasbourg (France), the iaelyon School of Management at the University of Lyon Jean Moulin 3 (France) and the University of Nottingham (England). Designed as a two-year program to be completed in equal shares at both universities, featuring a broad range of courses and granting two degrees, this Master program teaches students the skills and capabilities necessary to succeed in the European labor market. With one study year in Tübingen, Germany and one study year at the partner university participants experience two cultures, two campus lives and two academic perspectives. Graduates look forward to excellent career prospects in various sectors. At the end of their studies they are granted two Master degrees: Master of Science in European Management at the University of Tübingen and the corresponding Master degree of the partner university. Due to the international focus of the program graduates are able to get into different working procedures in different countries efficiently and adopt beneficial practices being used in other cultures. Students of this program are full students at both universities. Further Information:

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