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Professor Frank Stähler wins an ARC Discovery Grant

Frank Stähler, Professor of Economics at the University of Tübingen, wins Australian Research Council Grant together with researchers from the University of Adelaide and the Australian National University

Together with Benedikt Heid (University of Adelaide), a former graduate of the University of Tübingen, and Martin Richardson (Australian National University), a frequent visitor to the University of Tübingen, Frank Stähler has won an ARC Discovery Grant.  In the next three years their project entitled "Trade and investment in the face of declining international cooperation" will investigate the impact and policy implications of the new wave of protectionism that poses challenges to previously undisputed international cooperation. "This is a great success, as ARC Discovery Grants are very competitive", says Frank Stähler. The three researchers plan to develop theories for the breakdown of international agreements and their effects on third countries and a quantification of the welfare and employment effects.

The Australian Research Council supports their project with AUD 113.000.