Master Thesis

The master thesis (Masterarbeit) is an integral part of the Master degree program. Students are expected to work independently on an assigned topic for a period of four months.

The School of Business and Economics has decided to introduce a new mechanism of registering your interest in writing a master thesis in order to facilitate the process for you.

We ask every student who plans to start on their thesis in the next semester to fill out a short survey listing which modules they have already taken, their grades and the work unit (Lehrstuhl) they would like to be supervised by.

Students who already have a supervisor are asked to please fill out the survey and state in the additional comments that they already have been accepted by [Person who agreed to supervise them].

The deadline for registering your interest to write a master thesis in the following winter semester is:

Deadline: Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Link to survey:

Caution: Filling out the survey only takes about 5 minutes but please be careful as you cannot change your answers once you have provided them.

The survey is conducted via Ilias. Please make sure you have your transcript of your Bachelor degree ready as you will need to upload this along with your current transcript to complete your registration. We know that not all students have access to their full current transcript yet as the examinations office is still entering grades into the system. Please just upload your current transcript as it is, even if it is blank.

At the end of the survey you will be asked to list the work groups you would like to be supervised by, you need to provide 5 different priorities here to make sure your application is valid.

After the application deadline we will pass on a list of all students who listed a specific work unit as their first priority to that work unit. Should they not be able to supervise all of them they will inform us of who they cannot supervise (possibly after speaking with you first) which means that we will then get in touch with those students’ other priorities.

We can make the following promises if you fill out this survey correctly, have earned a minimum of 30 ECTS in your M.Sc. degree and upload your transcripts:

  1. You will be made an offer of supervision at the end of this process by one of your priorities.
  2. The work unit you listed as first priority will receive your application first.
  3. We will keep you informed about the status of your application.
  4. All of your information is confidential and only used to facilitate the registration process for the Master Thesis. Only the conductor of the survey and the academic staff with have access to your information to process your application.