B321J Consumer Behavior


Prof. Dr. Stefan Mayer

Course description: B321J
Language: English
Recommended for this semester or higher: 5
ECTS-Credits: 6
Course can be taken as part of following programs/modules: International Economics
International Business Administration
Economics and Business Administration
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Prerequisites: ---
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Course Type: Lecture and Tutorial (3 weekly lecture hours)

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Live Kick-off session: April 20 from 2pm c.t. - 4pm
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Written exam, or oral examination, or assignments or presentation or online assessment
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Content: Students will acquire knowledge from relevant literature on consumer behavior. They will become familiar with important concepts on consumer preference formation, decision making, consumer psychology, and the relevant research methodology.

1. Consumer behavior

2. Data collection

3. Experiments


- Hoyer, Wayne D., MacInnis, Deborah J., Pieters, Rik (2013), Consumer Behavior (6th ed.). Mason, OH: South Western.

- Wänke, Michaela (2009), Social Psychology of Consumer Behavior. New York: Psychology Press. 

- Haugtvedt, Curtis P., Herr, Paul. M., Kardes, Frank R. (2008), Handbook of Consumer Psychology. New York: Lawrence Erlbaum. Further literature will be announced in the lecture.