Strategie und Unternehmensführung

B290 Global Strategy

Im Wintersemester 2015/16 wird der Kurs B290 Global Strategy (englisch) angeboten. Informationen bezüglich Vorlesungs- und Übungszeiten sowie Räumen sind auch im Campus-Portal hinterlegt.


6 (Vorlesung und Practice Course)

90 Minuten Klausur + Case study


Montag 14:15 - 15:45

HS 21 Kupferbau

Practice Course

Montag 10:15 - 11:45 oder

Montag 16:15 - 17:45

HS 23 Kupferbau

DozentJun. Prof. Dr. Theresa Veer
OrganisatorischesFragen an

über die ILIAS Plattfom

bis zum 23. Oktober 2015 um 20 Uhr möglich

  • Über den Syllabus erhalten Sie alle wichtigen Informationen zum Kurs.


The subject Strategy brings all the various sub-areas of management such as finance, marketing etc. together and analyzes the key corporate decisions from the perspective of the CEO. Focus of this course in Global Strategy is the multinational company (MNC). This course aims to show how strategy contributes to the success of the MNC, how it provides overall direction and how it integrates the various activities and decisions of the MNC. After attending the lecture and practice course students should be able to identify and analyze the determinants of strategic decisions on a global level. They should be able to describe and evaluate a firm’s business and corporate strategy and on this basis develop solutions for strategic dilemmas in real-life case studies.

In the practice course students will work with case studies to analyze corporate decisions of strategic importance in an international context.

In order to prepare students for international assignments, the lectures and the practice course will be entirely in English including all assignments students have to do.