Econometrics, Statistics and Empirical Economics
Um der Infektion durch das Corona-Virus entgegenzuwirken, sind die Mitarbeiter des Lehrstuhls zur Zeit nicht persönlich am Lehrstuhl zu erreichen. Bitte reichen Sie Ihre Anliegen per E-Mail ein.


To support  the measures to contain the Corona virus, the member of the department are currently not available for personal contact. Please contact us via email.

Information about the courses in the summer

April 01, 2020:

Note that the beginning of the lecture period as announced by the ministry (MWK) is April 20, 2020. The exact format of the lectures is not known right now (but it will most likely be online format and we are preparing for that option). Not also that the University has announced that there may be alterations due to a change of the situation regarding Corona and Covid-19 to which we have to oblige to.

You find the courses that we plan to offer on our teaching website where we provide more detailed information about it. Note that changes may apply due to changes induced by the University and/or the Ministry.

We have set up Ilias entries for the courses, and you can register for the course as usual in Ilias.

You can find passwords and courses at our teaching website SS2020.

For each of the courses there will be a "discussion forum." In this forum we will keep you informed about news regarding the course. These discussion forums will be an important part of the online classes. So, we urge you to register timely such that you receive all necessary information! 

The Ilias entries will be successively filled with course material like lecture slides, questions for review, assignments et cetera. Some material is already on Ilias, like accompanying videos or literature.

Stay tuned and most of all healthy.



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