Lena Wiest received the University of Tübingen’s Sustainability Award 2021 for her Master Thesis

We are very pleased to see that Lena Wiest received the University of Tübingen’s Sustainability Award 2021 for her Master Thesis entitled “The European Green Deal, Carbon Pricing and International Trade”. In her thesis, Lena uses a large scale quantitative trade model in order to analyze the effect of a “carbon border adjustment mechanism” of the sort recently proposed by the EU. This proposal aims at levies on imports of goods with a high carbon footprint from countries with a zero carbon price in order to establish a level playing field for domestic firms facing high carbon prices. The simulation of different scenarios suggests a reduction of global CO2 emissions between -0.07% to -0.13% with an expected decline in trade flows and real income. Going beyond emissions and trade flows, Lena also estimates welfare effects proposing that further research on translating scientific findings on climate damages into economic terms is needed. The results of Lena’s thesis suggest that a carbon border adjustment mechanism enhances the overall effectiveness of the EU’s carbon policy by reducing carbon leakage.
Congratulations to Lena for an excellent thesis and the well-deserved prize!

Advanced Course in International Migration by Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Oded Stark

In the summer semester 2021, Professor Oded Stark will hold his popular Master's course entitled "Advanced Perspectives in the Analytics and Policy Design of International Migration" for the last time. Other advanced students or faculty members who are interested in the topic are also invited to participate. Oded Stark is a world-leading expert on international migration and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Tübingen. In the previous years the course has found unusual acclaim by our students. We have repeatedly had "best course ever" comments in student evaluations. Due to the pandemic, the course will take place in a remote fashion. For more details on the course, please see our teaching pages.

University of Tübingen Adjunct Professor
Dr. Dr. h. c. Oded Stark received Award for his Lifetime Achievement

On February 19, 2020, in a ceremony held in Torun, Poland, University of Tübingen Adjunct Professor Dr. Dr. h. c. Oded Stark received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Poland’s Minister of Science and Higher Education. For additional information, consult the website of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw:
Professor Stark will teach on topics of International Migration during the summer term of 2020. The course will be taught online and is open to Master as well as PhD students. For more details, see our teaching page.

The Euro crisis: Why did it happen and can it happen again?

We cordially invite everyone interested in European Economic Integration to attend this year‘s Bundesbank-IAW Lecture on European Economic Integration, to be held on Wed, June 19, 2019, 18:00, Alte Aula, Münzgasse 30 (by the Cathedral). The Bundesbank-IAW Lecture Series was established six years ago in order to stimulate academic and public discussion of topical issues related to European Integration. We have consistently been able to attract outstanding speakers. This year, it will be Professor Karolina Ekholm, Stockholm University. She is an excellent academic who also has practical policy experience, having served as Vice Governor of the Swedish Central Bank and as a State Secretary in the Swedish Finance Ministry. Title of her talk is "The Euro crisis: Why did it happen and can it happen again?" For more details, see You are also invited to the reception after the lecture. Please don't forget to register – a simple email to iawspam will do.

Dr. Peter Eppinger: 1. Preis des Roman Herzog Forschungspreises Soziale Marktwirtschaft 2019

Der 1. Preis des Roman-Herzog-Instituts, der mit einem Preisgeld von 20.000 Euro dotiert ist, ging an Peter Eppinger für seine Dissertation "Essays in International Trade and Global Production". Dr. Peter Eppinger ist Akademischer Rat an der Universität Tübingen am Lehrstuhl International Economics and European Integration.
Dr. Peter Eppinger untersucht in seiner Doktorarbeit unter anderem, welche Auswirkungen die Verlagerung von Dienstleistungen aus Deutschland ins Ausland haben. Seine Analyse liefert klare Belege dafür, dass dieses "Service Offshoring" unter dem Strich Arbeitsplätze in den verlagernden deutschen Unternehmen geschaffen hat.
Hintergrund der Arbeit ist, dass aufgrund technischer Innovationen viele Dienstleistungen, die früher nicht handelbar waren, heutzutage ins Ausland verlagert werden können. Seit den 1980er Jahren ist der Dienstleistungshandel daher doppelt so stark gewachsen wie das Welt-BIP. Diese Entwicklung weckt Ängste unter Arbeitnehmern und wirft die Frage auf: Bedroht Service Offshoring Arbeitsplätze in Deutschland? Eppingers klare Antwort: Nein, es werden dadurch sogar neue Jobs im Inland geschaffen. Dies lässt sich unter anderem durch Effizienzgewinne erklären. Denn die Unternehmen realisieren durch die Verlagerung Kosteneinsparungen, die es ihnen erlauben zu wachsen, und dadurch wiederum mehr Arbeitsplätze zu schaffen.
Dr. Peter Eppinger ist Akademischer Rat an der Universität Tübingen am Lehrstuhl International Economics and European Integration von Prof. Wilhelm Kohler, wo er 2018 promovierte. Zuvor studierte er VWL an der LMU München (Master) und an der Universität Tübingen (Bachelor). Seine Forschung wurde im Journal of International Economics, in Economics Letters und The World Economy publiziert. Eppinger ist Stipendiat der Joachim Herz Stiftung, Mitglied der American Economic Association und des Vereins für Socialpolitik. Seine Forschungsschwerpunkte sind Internationaler Handel und Multinationale Unternehmen.
Weitere Informationen: und zur ausgezeichneten Dissertation

Professor James R. Markusen: Honorary Doctor of Economics Ceremony and Lecture on June 18, 2019

The Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences is proud to award Professor James R. Markusen, University of Colorado at Boulder, the degree and title of Honorary Doctor of Economics. Professor Markusen will give a lecture entitled „What Do Multinationals Do?“ on Tuesday, 18 June, 2019, 4:00 p.m., at Großer Senat, Neue Aula, Geschwister-Scholl-Platz, Tübingen. More information
Please register by sending an email to: secretary-v2spam

New book by Wilhelm Kohler and Erdal Yalcin (eds.)

Developments in Global Sourcing
From CESifo Seminar Series
Edited by Wilhelm Kohler and Erdal Yalcin
MIT Press 2018

Recent decades have seen a fragmentation of production processes across borders, as firms find it increasingly profitable to organize production on a global scale. This fragmentation occurs across national borders as well as across firm boundaries; companies must decide not only the location of production but also how much control to exert over the different production stages. Economists have responded to this shift by developing new models of global sourcing, generating important insights into the driving forces and economic effects of this new form of globalization. Many questions, however, remain unanswered. This book tries to fill this gap. Read more

Pol Antràs, Sasan Bakhtiari, Sebastian Benz, Giuseppe Berlingieri, Johannes Boehm, Jeronimo Carballo, Huiya Chen, Alejandro Cuñat, Fabrice Defever, Swati Dhingra, Harald Fadinger, Ana P. Fernandes, Christian Fischer, Wilhelm Kohler, Bohdan Kukharskyy, Luca Marcolin, Antonio Minniti, John Morrow, Alireza Naghavi, Han (Steffan) Qi, Jens Suedekum, Deborah L. Swenson, Edwin L.-C. Lai, Anders Rosenstand Laugesen, Ngo Van Long, Heiwai Tang, Erdal Yalcin.