Bachelor Programs


For the courses that we offer under the Bachelor's programs of our School over the course of the entire academic year, please consult the download page of the School of Business and Economics (-> "Modulhandbuch ...").

Bachelor theses:

Writing your Bachelor thesis requires that you participate in a Bachelor thesis seminar. Participation is subject to application in a centralized procedure run by the Examinations Office of our School. This precedure runs on a yearly basis and is opened towards the end of the summer term. Second year Bachelor students will receive a letter from the Examinations office which specifies the types of Bachelor theses seminars that will be offered the subsequent academic year. You will be asked to express your preferences as regards participation in one of the seminars offered. The School will then do whatever is possible, in order to accommodate your preferences when allocating students to Bachelor thesis seminars. It is imperative that you participate in this precedure. There is no other guarantee of a place in a Bachelor thesis seminar. For more details see here under -> "Bachelorarbeiten ...".

Our chair offers a Bachelor thesis seminar in the winter term of 2021/22, but not in summer term of 2022. After you have been assigned to our Bachelor thesis seminar, you are guaranteed a place in the seminar and you do not need to take any further action to register. At the beginning of the summer term, typically in March, you will receive an email to your student email account inviting you to join the course in ILIAS. At this time, a syllabus including a time schedule and all further relevant information will be posted on our website (under teaching and the relevant term) and in the ILIAS course. There will be an introductory session early in the summer term where thesis topics are assigned. Towards the end of the term, all seminar participants will present preliminary versions of their theses, and you will then have a couple of weeks to complete and submit your thesis.

As regards potential topics of interest, please note that we only supervise thesis topics related to the courses that we teach, i.e., topics in the area of International Economics. More specifically, Bachelor theses may focus on any one of the following areas of International Economics:

You will "enter" the topic through one or more recent journal articles that we shall give you at the beginning of the seminar. Having "digested" these articles you will then seek to expand on these articles in your thesis. Your thesis must demonstrate that you have full understanding of what is going on in these articles, and that you are able to place the issue in a broader context. A good thesis will then also offer some small, but original modification to the treatment that you find in the original articles.