Teaching Winter 2018/19

Master Programs

Welcome Event for all new Students of the M.Sc. in Economics and International Economics:

Your course coordinators Prof. Dr. Frank Stähler and Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Kohler will be welcoming you to the University of Tübingen and they will be introducing you to the course to get you off to a good start.

Monday, October 15, 2018, 6 - 7 pm, in HS 24, Kupferbau





Advanced Microeconomics (E424)

Peter Eppinger, Wilhelm Kohler, Frank Stähler

Tuesdays, 12 - 14 h in room HS06, Neue Aula, Geschwister-Scholl-Platz
Thursdays, 10 - 12 h in room HS01, Neue Aula, Geschwister-Scholl-Platz
Tutorials: There will be two tutorial groups, each taking place on Wednesdays
16 - 18 h  and
18 - 20 h, both in the seminar room at Nauklerstr. 50 (2nd floor)

Students attending this course are strongly advised to also take the preparatory math class "Mathematical Methods in Advanced Microeconomics" (E442).

This course is not eligible or suitable for Bachelor students, whether domestic or exchange students.

Lecture and Class






Globalization and Labor Markets (E427)

Wilhelm Kohler
Thursdays, 16 - 18 h in the seminar room at Nauklerstr. 50 (2nd floor)
Fridays, 10 - 12 h in room 02, Alte Physik, Gmelinstr. 6

This course is not eligible or suitable for Bachelor students.

Please note that the course starts with an introductory session on Friday, Oct 19.

Lecture and Class 4h 9 ECTS

Bachelor Programs


Dialogseminar: Krise des Multilateralismus - Welt ohne Ordnung (Q716)

Wilhelm Kohler, Jürgen Stark
April 26 and 27, 2019, Ausbildungszentrum Deutsche Bundesbank in Eltville (block seminar, two full days). Preparation meeting on March 25, 2019, from 9 am to 12 noon, in seminar room 207, Nauklerstr. 50 (2nd floor), Tübingen. Please note that there is a maximum number of 10 participants. Applications are welcome via the ILIAS platform. Registration possible under ILIAS (still under Winter Term 2018/19) until Feb 28, 2019. Details are found on Campus

Seminar 2h 6 ECTS

Internationale Wirtschaftsorganisationen (E324)

Bernhard Duijm
anticipated on November 10th and 17th, 2018
(block seminar, two full days).

Colloquium 1h 6 ECTS

The Bachelor Thesis Seminar (E322) will take place in the summer term 2019.


All announcements are subject to changes for unforeseen reasons.