Teaching Winter 2020/21

Master Programs

Please note that all courses taught for our Master programs are not eligible or suitable for Bachelor students, whether domestic or exchange students.





Advanced Microeconomics I (E424)

Wilhelm Kohler, Georg Thunecke

Online live lectures: Tuesdays, 12 - 14 c.t. and Thursdays, 11 - 12 c.t.

Join Zoom Meetings under https://zoom.us/j/99045970880 with Meeting ID 990 4597 0880.

Online tutorials: see syllabus

Downloads for students without acess to ILIAS: Chapter 1 (Preference and Choice).

Students attending this course are strongly advised to also take the online preparatory math class "Mathematical Methods in Advanced Microeconomics" "offered by Professor Stähler". Note that you may access this course before term starts. For more details see here.

Lecture and Tutorial






Global Production and Sourcing (E426)

Peter Eppinger

Online live sessions: Thursdays, 14 - 18 c.t.

Please register for the (open) ILIAS course.

Note that the course now 9 ECTS; see the recent changes to the Handbook of Modules.

Lecture and Tutorial 3h+1h 9 ECTS

Economic Geography (E427A)

Oliver Krebs

Online live sessions: Wednesdays, 14 - 18 c.t.

Lecture and Tutorial 3h+1h 9 ECTS

Bachelor Programs


Macroeconomics II (E230)

Wilhelm Kohler, Alexander Dietrich

Online live lectures: Wednesdays, 16 - 18 c.t.

Join the Zoom Meetings under https://zoom.us/j/92513380480 with Meeting ID 925 1338 0480

Online tutorials: see syllabus

Lecture and Tutorial 2h+2h 6 ECTS

Globalization and Wages (E323)

Wilhelm Kohler

Online live sessions: Thursdays, 16 - 18 c.t. and Fridays, 10 - 12 c.t.

Join the Zoom meetings under https://zoom.us/j/150027822 with Meeting ID: 150 027 822.

Lecture and Tutorial 3h+1h 6 ECTS

Internationale Wirtschaftsorganisationen (E324)

Bernhard Duijm
anticipated on December 18 and 19, 2020
(block seminar, two full days).

Colloquium 1h 6 ECTS

Bachelor Thesis Seminar (E322): will take place in the summer term 2021.

Dialogseminar "Themen der Wirtschaftspolitik" (Q716): will take place in the summer term 2021.

Economics in Action - The Euro Crisis (E320A): is expected to take place not before the winter term 2021/22.


All announcements are subject to changes for unforeseen reasons.