Transfer of Credits from Abroad Studies

General Information

The examination office provides all necessary information regarding the transfer of credits rewarded at foreign universities in its download section.

Before going abroad

After returning home

In order to get a credit accreditation you need the respective (yellow) accreditation form handed out by the examination office. Once you obtained this form please contact: sekretariat.v4spam Your e-mail should include copies of the following documents:

In case the original material is not in German or English, please provide summaries in English or German (not required for term papers, exercise sheets etc.).

Numerics of credit transfer

Your transcript will list a certain number of credits (or points) for each course you have completed. If these are ECTS-credits, they are transferred 1:1 into ECTS-credits applied to our own Tübingen program.

Non-ECTS credits are transferred according to a simple rule:

AppliedCredits = ForeignCredits * Transfer-Factor.

The Tranfer-Factor is calculated as the total number of ECTS-credits that your Tübingen program requires per semester (which is 30 ECTS), relative to the total number of credits (points) that the foreign program requires per semester (for regular students). In many US programs, for instance, this number is 15, in which case Transfer-Factor = 2. For further information also consult the corresponding information in the download section of the examination office.