Geochemie der Kruste

This lecture deals with processes for growth and evolution of the continental crust. Here we  look at continental crust formation during the Archean and along modern subduction zones (island arcs and continental arcs). Geochemical and isotopic tracers are discussed.

Lecture notes (pdf-files):

lecture 01  The Earth's crust, Oldest crust, Archean crust, Crustal growth through time

lecture 02  Petrogenetic models for Archean TTG's, Modern crust, Upper continental crust

lecture 03  Subduction zone magmatism, Volcanic hazards; Pysiography of subduction zones

lecture 04  Thermal structure of subduction zones; Generation of arc magmas, Major rock series; Geochemical composition of arc magmas; Pb-isotopes, Ce/Pb ratios and case studies

lecture 05  10-Be, Boron isotopes, chemical fluxes in subduction zones, U-Th-disequilibrium, arc magmatic tempos

lecture 06  Andes Mts. case study, Granites and continentals crust; Himalayan leucogranites, A-type granites