Geochemie des Mantels

The central objective of this lecture in a deeper understanding of mantle interaction. Topics include: history of ocean basins, formation of MORBs and OIB's, mantle geochemistry, mantle heterogeneity; slab recycling, mantle models (e.g. layered convection model) and mantle reservoirs (e.g. various types of depleted and enriched mantle sources).

Lecture notes (pdf-files):

Mantle_1  Introduction; The oceans

Mantle_2  Plate tectonics, mid-ocean ridge systems, Earth's magnetic polarity

Mantle_3  Ridge morphology, mid-ocean ridge magma chamber models, transform faults 

Mantle_4  Hydrothermal circulation at mid-ocean ridges, Composition of the oceanic crust

Mantle_5  Rocks from the oceanic crust, mechanism of crystal fractionation, origin of layering, mantle composition, high-pressure phase transitions in the mantle

Mantle_6 Processes of magma formation in the mantle, basalt types 

Mantle_7 Basalt tetrahedron, phase diagrams, formation of alkali basalts and tholeiites (i.e. origin of basalt magmas)

Mantle_8 Major and trace element chemistry of MORBs

Mantle_9 Trace element chemistry of MORBs; production of MORBs and processes beneath mid-ocean ridges

Mantle_10 Isotope geochemistry of MORBs; MORB petrogenesis and conclusions; Ocean intraplate volcanism, hot spot tracks across the oceans

Mantle_11 Types of OIB magmas;  the Hawaian scenario; trace element geochemistry of OIB's

Mantle_12 Noble gas geochemistry 

Mantle_13 Isotopes as traces in mantle geochemistry, mantle reservoirs, the isotope geology of Pb

Mantle_14 Geodynamic models for the Earth mantle; Literature