Geochronology (Radiogenic Isotopes)

Lecture notes (pdf-files):

Geochron 1  Introduction

Geochron 2  Tools & methods, principles, decay equations, assumptions

Geochron 3  Analytical methods 

Geochron 4  Rb-Sr method; isotope dilution analysis, Sr isotope evolution

Geochron 5  K-Ar method of dating; diffusion; Arrhenius equation; closure temperatures; Ar-Ar technique

Geochron 6  Sm-Nd method of dating; epsilon-notation; Nd-model ages; Nd in the oreans

Geochron 7  Lu-Hf method; Hf isotopes in zircons; Hf and early Earth differentiation

Geochron 8  U-Th-Pb methods of dating; isotope geology of Pb