Kepler Center for Astro and Particle Physics

Kolloquia from WS07 to SS11

date name title  
19.06.09  Gisela Anton (ECAP)  The Neutrino Telescope ANTARES pdf
21.11.08  Paolo Beltrame (KP Mz)  In Search of Physics beyond the Standard Model The Muon Magnetic Moment and its Hadronic Corrections pdf
24.10.08  Heinz Clement (PIT)  Hadrons in the Universe and in the Lab pdf
13.05.11  Guido Drexlin (KIT)  experimental v-physics, v-oscillations pdf
13.05.11  Guido Drexlin (KIT)  experimental v-physics, direct v-mass experiments pdf
1.02.08  Amand Faessler (ITP)  The Neutrino Mass and Double Beta Decay pdf
8.05.09  Hans Fahr (U.Bonn)  Variable Cosmic Vacuum Energy and Creation of Effective Matter pdf
18.01.08  Peter Grabmayr (PIT)  The search for Majorana neutrinos in 76Ge with GERDA pdf
13.05.11  Peter Grabmayr (PIT)  Die Suche nach dem doppelten Betazerfall pdf
24.04.08  Josef Jochum (PIT)  direct dark matter pdf
23.11.07  Wilhelm Kley (TAT)  Activities in Computational Astrophysics  
30.05.08  Kostas Kokkotas (TAT)  Gravitational Waves  
20.11.09  Theocharis Kosmas (Ioannina)  Low-energy neutrino detection through neutrino-nucleus interaction probes pdf
9.11.07  Tobias Lachenmaier (PIT)  Neutrinos Oscillations - the Double Chooz Experiment  
7.11.08  Herbert Müther (ITP)  Neutron Stars - a Laboratory for Nuclear Physics pdf
1.07.09  Michael Mayor (Geneve)  The Amazing Diversity of Planetary Systems pdf
6.02.09  Dmitry Naumov (AIT)  Quantum Field Theory of Neutrino Oscillations pdf
11.07.08  Lothar Oberauer (TUM)  LENA - low energy neutrino astronomy pdf
19.12.08  Elisa Resconi (MPIHD)  High Energy Neutrino Astronomy; Status and Prospects pdf
7.12.07  Andrea Santangelo (IAAT)  TeV Astrophysics in the HESS Era  
19.11.10  Andrea Santangelo (AIT)  Space based research of the High- and Ultrahigh Energy Universe pdf
17.07.09  Hans-Rudolf Schmidt (GSI)  Mini Big-Bang in the Laboratory via Heavy-Ion Collisions pdf
15.01.10  Karl Schreckenbach (TUM)  Positron Physics in the Universe and in the Lab pdf
6.11.09  Sonja Schuh (AIT)  Pulsations and Plantes at late stellar stages of Stellar Evolution pdf
13.05.11  Thomas Schwetz-Mangold (MPI-K)  v-Theory, Neutrinos and beyond Standard Model pdf
13.05.11  Thomas Schwetz-Mangold (MPI-K)  v-Theory, Neutrino Oscillation Phenomelogy pdf
3.07.09  Liugi Stella (INAF)  The Giant Flare of 2004 Dec 27 and Fundamental Physics from Magnetars pdf
9.05.08  Valeri Suleimanov (IAAT)  Radiation of Neutron Stars pdf
27.06.08  Massimo Tinto (JPL)  Space based Detectors of Gravitational Radiation  
6.02.08  Alan Watson (Leeds)  Highlights from the UHE Universe  
19.02.10  Jörn Wilms (ECAP)  X-RAy Outbursts of Black Holes and the Disk-Jet Connection pdf
13.02.09  Kai Zuber (TUD)  Status and Perspectives of the COBRA Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Experiment pdf