The Pre-Modern Human Fossil Record in Italy from the Middle to the Late Pleistocene: An Updated Reappraisal

New Article

A new article has recently been published by our long-term fellow Dr. Costantino Buzi and colleagues. 

Abstract: The fossil record from the Italian peninsula is of special interest for assessing the variability of pre-modern human populations (i.e., extinct humans non-belonging to the proper species Homo sapiens) and their evolutionary history. In 2005, a detailed “Catalogue of Italian Fossil Human Remains from the Palaeolithic to the Mesolithic” was published and still represents a milestone on the topic, which however requires a reappraisal. Here we provide a commented overview of the pre-modern human fossil record from the Italian peninsula, where we have included updated information on specimens that were already in the Cata- logue of 2005 as well as new discoveries of the recent years, thus providing a comprehensive report of this important regional samples. We hope that this work may represent a useful state-of-the-art on the topic. It also embodies notes concerning the more sophisticated technologies that have been applied in the last years to document and study such a paleoanthropological archive, allowing the acquisition of new data even from old specimens.


For reading the full article, please visit: http://amq.aiqua.it/index.php/issues-2012-2017/amq-34-1-2021-proof-copy/1068-the-pre-modern-human-fossil-record-in-italy-from-the-middle-to-the-late-pleistocene-an-updated-reappraisal/file