LEAD Graduate School & Research Network

Dr. Nicole Tieben

Junior Research Group Leader Intersection 5

Main Research Interests

I am interested in Sociology of Education and my current core research questions comprise social reproduction and mobility in education and student progress and success in higher education. My research covers the entire life-course from primary school to adult education, education-to-work transitions and returns to education. I am particularly interested in “non-linear” educational trajectories, thus deviations from the “typical” educational pathways and the social process leading to detours and corrections of prior educational decisions.


Research Projects within LEAD

  1. Inequality and mobility in education: Determinants of educational success “against all odds"
  2. Effect of extent and type of labour force participation on progress in higher education
  3. Educational and occupational pathways of higher education drop-outs
  4. Progress and success of non-traditional students in German higher education
  5. Double qualification as insurance: Do students in German higher education profit from a vocational degree?

Methodological Approach

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