Forschungsnetzwerk LEAD

Events 2016


Lecture Series "Migration und Bildung"

Prof. Dr. Julia Ricart Brede (Universität Flensburg)

Lehrkräfte für den sprachsensiblen Fachunterricht - was kann und muss das Studium leisten?

5.-9.12.2016Winter School "Randomized Controlled Field Trials"

Lecture Series "Migration und Bildung"

Prof. Dr. Paul Leseman (Universität Utrecht)

Advantages and disadvantages of multilingualism: How to get the best of both worlds in inclusive societies


Lecture Series "Migration und Bildung"

Prof. Dr. Cornelia Kristen (Universität Bamberg)

Selektive Migration: Implikationen für Bildungsprozesse


Dr. Jill Burstein (Director of Research for the Natural Language Processing Group in the Research Division at Educational Testing Service in Princeton, New Jersey)

NLP & the Literacy Challenge: Innovation to Support Writing Proficiency, and Reading & Language Skills


Prof. Jan Buitelaar (Radboud University)

About the neurobiology of ADHD. Lessons from the NeuroIMAGE study and from EEG-Neurofeedback and fMRI-Neurofeedback studies


Lecture Series "Migration und Bildung"

Assoz.-Prof. MMag. Dr. Regina Polak (Universität Wien) Hoffnung. Wie der Fluch der Migration zum Segen werden kann

31.10.-04.11.2016ICO International Fall School 2016

Prof. Dr. Judith Mary Harackiewicz (University of Wisconsin)

Promoting Interest and Performance in Science: The Importance of Values


Dr. Simone Balestra (University of St.Gallen, University of Zurich)

How to enhance the 'grit' in you: Evidence from a randomized experiment in early grades


Assistant Prof. Felix Thoemmes (Cornell University, Ithaca, New York)

Workshop "Applied Propensity Score Analysis"


Tübingen Summer Series on Personality Psychology

Wenting Mu, PhD (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign): Self-related emotion and personality processes and psychopathology


Tübingen Summer Series on Personality Psychology

Assistant Prof. Rong Su (Purdue University): Vocational Interests, Career Success, and Gendered Career Paths: Five Decades of Evidence


Tübingen Summer Series on Personality Psychology

Assistant Prof. Rodica Ioana Damian, PhD (University of Houston) The Prospective Effects of Individual Differences, Social Background, and Diversifying Experiences in Predicting Career Success


Tübingen Summer Series on Personality Psychology

Associate Prof. Simine Vazire (University of California, Davis): Beyond Personality Traits: Tracking Personality, Mood, and Behavior in Everyday Life


Tübingen Summer Series on Personality Psychology

Prof. Eva M. Pomerantz PhD (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign): Raising Happy Children Who Succeed in School: Insights from the United States and China


Tübingen Summer Series on Personality Psychology

Prof. Dr. Lex Borghans and Prof. Dr. Trudie Schils (Maastricht University, School of Business and Economics): Gifted Students: Who Are They and What Do They Do?


Tübingen Summer Series on Personality Psychology

Prof. Brent W. Roberts, PhD (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign): Is Childhood the Right Time to Intervene on Non-Cognitive Factors like Grit?

27.06.2016Anique de Bruin, PhD (Maastricht University). Vortrag: Accuracy of self-judgements: the essence of diagnostic cue use
14.06.2016Prof. Dr. Patrick A. Puhani (Leibniz Universität Hannover). Vortrag: Do Boys Benefit from Male Teachers in Elementary School? Evidence from Administrative Panel Data
09.06.2016Prof. Dr. Jascha Rüsseler (Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg). Vortrag Neural Correlates of Learning to Read in Functionally Illiterate Adults

Dr. Anne Hartung (University of Luxembourg).

Vortrag Horizontal Gender Segregation in Education: A Cross-Cohort and Cross-National Comparison

Prof. Peter Tyrer (Imperial College London)

Vortrag "Why Better Knowledge of Personality Disorder Will Improve All Mental Health"


Dr. Gertraud (Turu) Stadler (University of Aberdeen)

Vortrag Individual and Social Processes in Behavior Change: From Proactive Planning to Dyadic Pursuit of Plans


Stuart Kime, MA (Durham University)

Blockseminar "Education Research at the Nexus of Policy, Research and Practice"


Dr. Judith Offerhaus (Universität Köln)

Workshop Introduction to Sequence Analysis using STATA


Prof. Dr. Herman van de Werfhorst (University of Amsterdam)

Vortrag Early tracking and educational inequality: policy reforms and social mechanisms


Dr. Malte Jansen (German Institute for International Educational Research, Frankfurt)

Vortrag Integrating Perspectives on the Self-Appraisal of Academic Abilities: Suggestions for a Taxonomy.


Prof. Dr. Birgit Becker (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt)

Vortrag Cognitive, language and cultural skills of Turkish-origin children in early childhood


Dr. Anneke Timmermans (University of Groningen)

Vortrag Track recommendations in the Dutch educational system: Which student attributes do teachers take into account?