LEAD Graduate School & Research Network

Alumni of the LEAD Graduate School & Research Network

Name Title of Dissertation Date
Ömer Sümer Multimodal visual sensing: automated estimation of engagement Feb 2021
Gabriella Daroczy Linguistic and arithmetic factors in word problems Feb 2021
Katerina Tsarava Computational thinking as a cognitive construct: cognitive correlates, assessment & curriculum design Feb 2021
Tobias Appel Cross-participant and cross-task classification of cognitive load based on eye tracking Jan 2021
Luzia Leifheit The role of self-concept and motivation within the 'computational thinking' approach to early computer science education Dec 2020
Xian Cheng ICT-based instruction for secondary school students: The interplay of individual learning prerequisites, use of technology, and student involvement in learning processes Dec 2020
Vera Brenner Reintegration nach Behandlung in der Tagesklinik für Kinder: umfeldbezogene Prädiktoren für eine erfolgreiche tagesklinische Behandlung Dec 2020
Marina Pumptow Digital media in higher education – the use and importance of digital media in contemporary university studies Dec 2020
Moritz Fleischmann Frame-of-reference effects on academic self-concept: Addressing unresolved issues with new designs Dec 2020
Jakob Schwerter Econometric analysis of the effects of educational decisions on labor market outcomes and the influence of self-testing on learning outcomes Dec 2020
Molly Hammer Identifying antecedents to learning effectively with digital media: A student-centered approach Nov 2020
Heiko Holz Design, development, and evaluation of research tools for evidence-based learning: A digital game-based spelling training for german primary school children Nov 2020
Fabian Ruth Linking rhetoric and educational research: The assessment and promotion of secondary school students’ presentation competence Nov 2020
Malte Ring Visual representations in economic education from an interdisciplinary perspective Nov 2020
Nora Castner Gaze and visual scanpath features for data-driven expertise recognition in medical image inspection Oct 2020
Patricia Goldberg In search of new insights into teacher-learner interactions: The potential of students’ (non)attention-related behavior during instruction and its measurement Oct 2020
Cora Parrisius The unfolding of students' motivation in the natural classroom setting: The role of motivational teaching behaviors Oct 2020
Merle Reuter Natural spaces, affect, and ADHD symptoms – within-person associations in children’s daily life Jul 2020
Laura Braun Investigating global self-esteem by integrating theory and methods Jul 2020
Iris Backfisch Skill or will? Comprehensive conceptualization of technology-enhanced teaching and its relation to teachers’ professional knowledge and motivation Jul 2020
Hanna Granz Juggle or struggle: Vulnerability to developing symptoms of burnout and depression in elite athletes Jun 2020
Ina Rüber The association between learning and civil participation during adulthood – evidence from large-scale assessments Feb 2020
Corina Weidenauer Circadian preference and amplitude - Under consideration of physiological markers, activity and sleep/wake timing as well as references to attention, mood and motivation in everyday school life Dec 2019
Tanja Krumpe Using machine learning as a research tool in experimental psychology Dec 2019
Fabian Lang Evaluating scientific controversies: The influence of beliefs regarding the uncertainty of knowledge and cognitive engagement Sep 2019
Carmen Lipphardt Trainability of verbal evidentialization techniques in scientific presentations as a problem of modern rhetoric. An interdisciplinary experimental study on training effects in students Sep 2019
Nele Usslepp Individual decision-making behavior with regard to educational decisions in the context of the German-speaking education system Sep 2019
Heide Piesch Supporting adolescents’ career choices: The role of motivational beliefs and relevance interventions Jul 2019
Cansu Atlay Teaching quality and educational inequalities: An interdisciplinary inquiry of the relationship between student background and teaching quality Apr 2019
Justin Hudak Optimization of near-infrared spectroscopy-based neurofeedback for use in the treatment of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder Mar 2019
Anne-Kathrin Knauf

Students with vocational education and training in German higher education: Preparation, integration and achievement

Jan 2019
Simón Ruiz Hernández Individual differences and instructed second language acquisition: Insights from intelligent computer assisted language learning Dec 2018
Xiaobin Chen Automatic analysis of linguistic complexity and its application in language learning research Dec 2018
Adam Ayaita Four essays on the role of personality in the transition from the education system to the labor market Dec 2018
Emely Hoch

Can implementation intentions improve self-regulation during learning with multimedia?

Dec 2018
Ulrich Ludewig Understanding graphs: Modeling processes, prerequisites and influencing factors of graphicacy Oct 2018
Michèle Suhlmann Towards an integrated model of ethnic majority and ethnic minority university students’ well-being, motivation and dropout intention Jul 2018
Maria Chinkina Analyzing authentic texts for language learning: Web-based technology for input enrichment and question generation Jul 2018
Katharina Wendebourg

How can grammar learning be facilitated? Insights from the learning of Latin morpho-syntax

Jul 2018

Réka Vágvölgyi

Linguistic, numerical, and cognitive foundations of functional illiteracy Jun 2018

Madalina Thiele

Econometric analysis of educational decisions and their consequences May 2018
Christina Artemenko

Neurocognitive foundations of arithmetic complexity in adults and children

Mar 2018
Sven Rieger Facilitating the understanding of personality: The usefulness of unifying two existing approaches Jan 2018
Franziska Rebholz Fostering mathematical competences by preparing for a mathematical competition Jan 2018
Sergio Cervera Torres Influencing appraisals of emotional valence with spatial touchscreen interactions: An embodied approach to Positive Technology Dec 2017
Friederike Blume

Non-pharmacological interventions in the context of ADHD symptoms: New perspectives for treatment and assessment

Dec 2017
Eike Wille Gender differences in mathematically intensive STEM fields: Factors of influence and multiple perspectives Nov 2017
Andreas Hartung Local and regional context effects on individual educational and occupational aspirations and transitions Nov 2017
Nicolas Hübner Educational effectiveness at the end of upper secondary school: Further insights into the effects of statewide policy reforms Oct 2017
Gabriel Kornwachs Depressivität unter Schülern - Prävention, Früherkennung und schulrelevante Korrelate Sep 2017
Mirjam Frey Die Bedeutsamkeit fingerbasierter Repräsentationen für numerische Fähigkeiten - Ergebnisse einer Intervention zu Beginn der Grundschule und Differenzierung struktureller Merkmale Aug 2017
Steffen Schmidgall Drawing to learn: Investigating the role of contributing factors and instructional support for learner-generated drawing Jul 2017
Leona Hellwig Observation of ADHD symptoms: Prospects for a behavior-based, objective and context-dependent assessment Jul 2017
Michael Grosz The assessment, dimensionality, and development of narcissism in early adulthood Jul 2017
Petra Haas Physical activity in children and adults – Associations with affect and impact on executive functions Feb 2017
Sebastian Grissmann

Investigating the prerequisites for a robust neurotutor: The detection of mixed user states containing working memory load, affective valence and affective dominance

Feb 2017
Evelin Herbein Public speaking training as an enrichment program for elementary school children: Conceptualization, evaluation, and implementation Jan 2017
Philipp Mock Using low-level sensor data to improve touchscreen interaction Jan 2017
Julia Schiefer Promoting and measuring elementary school children’s understanding of science Jan 2017
Juliane Richter

Signaling text-picture relations in multimedia learning: The influence of prior knowledge

Jan 2017
Juliane Kant

Fostering the acquisition of scientific reasoning with video modeling examples and inquiry tasks

Jan 2017
Thomas Lösch Perceiving achievement in schools: How do self-appraisals, peer appraisals and achievement relate to each other? Jan 2017
Katarina Weßling

The influence of socio-spatial contexts on transitions from school to vocational and academic training in Germany

Dec 2016
Daniela Ahlberg

Embodiment in first and second language processing

Nov 2016
Sina Müller Depressive symptoms in adolescence: Consequences, mechanisms, & school-based prevention efforts Mar 2016
Isabelle Häfner Investigating associations between family background and students’ academic outcomes: The role of parents’ motivation Dec 2015
Katharina Allgaier Honesty-humility at school: A person x situation approach to explain students' social behavior Nov 2015
Carina Walter EEG workload prediction in a closed-loop learning environment Oct 2015
Sowmya Vajjala Analyzing text complexity and text simplification: Connecting linguistics, processing and educational applications Jul 2015

Hanna Gaspard

Promoting value beliefs in mathematics: A multidimensional perspective and the role of gender Mar 2015