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Lisa Hilken

Research Interest

For many maths education students the transition from school to university is difficult. The links with school mathematics very often are not depicted explicitly. This implies that many maths education students do not see the significance of higher mathematical education for their occupational future. Additionally, the approach to mathematics might be very different in school and at university. However, both in school and at university, students often do not get to know the creative side of mathematics and how mathematics is developed. Therefore, they might have beliefs about mathematics and the learning and teaching of mathematics which are not availing for learning and teaching mathematics.

Another problem is the lacking linking-up of the contents of the first mathematics lectures in the students’ minds. In their first year, it is mandatory for maths education students to attend the lectures Linear Algebra and Analysis 1 and 2. To gain a deep understanding of the contents, it is important to discern the connecting factors and interdependencies between these topics.

Within this doctoral research project, a course “Hands-on Differential Geometry” is developed. This course is designed to stimulate a positive change on all three issues. As far as the contents are concerned, the course is an introduction to differential geometry. Differential geometry is at the junction of different mathematical and non-mathematical fields, such as Linear Algebra, Analysis, geometry, general relativity, cartography/geodesy, and industrial design.

In short, I would like to
- support a view on mathematics as a dynamic discipline,
- find out how to link different first year lectures in students‘ mind,
- let students see connections between school and university maths, and
- try to reach these goals by hands-on courses on differential geometry.

Curriculum Vitae

Since 04/2017
Associated member of the LEAD Graduate School & Research Network

University of Tübingen

Since 11/2016
Member of the project "Structural Models in the Introductory Studies Phase"

Since 10/2016
PhD candidate

at the University of Tübingen

M.Sc. in Mathematics

at the University of Tübingen

09/2014- 01/2015
Semester abroad

at the University of Ghent

B.Sc. in Mathematics

at the University of Tübingen

Study of Mathematics

at the University of Tübingen