Upcoming Meetings/Conferences

29 Sept. - 01 Oct. 2020 First OZCAR-TERENO International Conference, Strasbourg, France


06 May 2020: CAMPOS researchers move into new "Geo- und Umweltzentrum (GUZ)"

   at the Morgenstelle, University of Tübingen

01 - 09 April 2020: Four new groundwater wells drilled at the CAMPOS P3 hillslope site...

....between Unterjesingen and Wurmlingen. Measurements of groundwater levels will allow for localization of the groundwater devide between the Ammer and Neckar Valley under variable boundary conditions.

23-25 March: CAMPOS International Conference

The Conference was postponed! The conference will take place later this year, possibly as virtual conference - we will keep you informed.

12 March 2020: 2nd CAMPOS Stakeholder Meeting

.... with local farmers. University of Tübingen, Center for Applied Geoscience, Hölderlinstraße 12, Lecture Hall, 17:30 h (Meeting was postponed!)

07 February 2020: CAMPOS workshop for young investigators

"Building and leading a research group - from selecting and supervising group members to conflict solving, time management and work-life balance". Organized by Prof. Andreas Kappler, Applied Geosciences, University of Tübingen. The workshop takes place 10-15 h, Keplerstraße 17.

03 - 06 February 2020: Event sampling campaign at the Bronnbachquelle

A series of event-related high turbidity large volume samples (up to 200 l) were taken during a pronounced discharge event at the Bronnbachquelle. Investigation of water samples and filtered particles will give insight into groundwater residence times and water & particle origin.    


24 January 2020: Joint CAMPOS Mini-Symposium on "Shikimate Pathway Inhibitors Glyphosate & 7-deoxy-sedoheptulose: Effects and Environmental Fate"

with contributions from: Prof. Stephanie Grond & Dr. Klaus Brilisauer, Institute for Organic Chemistry, Prof. Karl Forchhammer, Interfaculty Institute of Microbiology and Infection Medicine, Prof. Carolin Huhn, Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, Prof. Stefan Haderlein, Applied Geosciences. Institute of Geosciences, Hölderlinstr. 12, Lecture Hall, 14-17 h.

18/19 November 2019: 3rd CAMPOS Science Meeting & 5th General Assembly

including detalied presentations of CAMPOS subprojects and discussions on future plans of CAMPOS: 18. Nov. 2019: ALTE AULA University of Tübingen; 19. Nov. 2019: ALTE BOTANIK, Conference room I (ground floor).

15 - 31 July 2020: “Irrigation and Glyphosate Experiment”

Researchers from the CAMPOS projects P4 & P6 performed an irrigation experiment using labelled glyphosate at the Unterjesingen field site: Goals are to delineate the effects of changes in redox conditions on the turnover of redox-active compounds and to understand the mobility and attenuation of glyphosate in agricultural soils (pictures: Johanna Schlögl and Natalia Jakus).

19/24 June 2019: CAMPOS Workshops..

..on "Event Sampling & Particle Characterization" & "Mobility and Turnover of Glyphosate in agricultural soils"

04 June 2019: 4th CAMPOS General Assembly.

Roadmap towards CAMPOS Phase II: CAMPOS project presentations and discussions on future plans: 18. Nov. 2019: Applied Geosciences Building, Hölderlinstr. 18, Room 229, 13:30 - 17 h.

24 May 2019: Tübinger Fenster für Forschung.

Presentations and Experiments by CAMPOS Researchers: HS-Zentrum Morgenstelle, 15 - 22 h. (TÜFFF)

26 March 2019: Colloquium World Water Day at the University of Hohenheim.

Leaving No One Behind - Clean Water For All. University of Hohenheim, Aula, Castle, 13-17 h. Program attached.

12/13 February 2019: the 2nd CAMPOS Science Meeting & 3rd CAMPOS General Assembly...

including 24 scientific talks and discussion panels. Institute for Applied Geoscience, Lecture Hall, Hölderlinstraße 12, 72074 Tübingen.

16 November 2018: Jahrestagung des Verbands für Geoökologie in Deutschland.

Abendvortrag: Prof. Olaf Cirpka: CAMPOS, Catchments as Reactors: Schadstoffumsatz auf der Landschaftsskala. 18.15  Uhr, Institut für Geowissenschaften, Hölderlinstraße 12, 72074 Tübingen.

08/09 Oktober 2018: Statuskolloquium des Förderprogramms Wasserforschung Baden-Württemberg, Haus der Wirtschaft, Stuttgart.

CAMPOS Vorträge: H.Rügner: SFB 1253 CAMPOS - Catchments as Reactors: Schadstoffumsatz auf der Landschaftsskala; C. Zarfl: Untersuchung von Schadstoffumsätzen in Flüssen mittels Target-Analytik, Non-Target-Analytik und Toxizitätstests; K. Osenbrück. N. Blackwell: In situ mikrobielle Gemeinschaften und Abbaupotenziale in einem Karst-/Kluftgrundwasserleiter.

26 September 2018, Holzgerlingen: "Get Together" (stakeholder meeting) of the Ammertal-Schönbuch Gruppe.

Vortrag: H.Rügner: SFB 1253 CAMPOS - Catchments as Reactors: Schadstoffumsatz auf der Landschaftsskala.

22 - 24 May 2018: 1st CAMPOS PhD students retreat in Bad Kohlgrub

CAMPOS PhD students hold a retreat in Bad Kohlgrub in the "other" Ammer Valley. It was a very intense but fruitful time, used for presentations, discussions, and hiking in the picturesque Ammergau Alps".

03 - 06 April 2018: CAMPOS at the "Integrated Hydrosystem Modelling 2018" Conference

The CAMPOS Team participated in the conference. see also: "Integrated Hydrosystem Modelling 2018" Conference: How Complex Should Integrated Models Be?

12 - 13 March 2018: 3rd CAMPOS Lysimeter installed at the Poltringen Site

On March 12-13 the CAMPOS P6 team installed a lysimeters at the Poltringen site (SM2, organic farming). A fully equipped meteo stations was previously installed (WESS project).

05 March 2018: CAMPOS at the Annual Assembly of the Farmers Association Herrenberg/Haslach

CAMPOS researchers were invited to the annual assembly of the Farmers Association Herrenberg/Haslach. During the meeting the future monitring plans at the CAMPOS soil monitoring sites were discussed and first results from field studies were presented.

01 February 2018: 1st CAMPOS "Stakeholder Meeting"

A 1st stakeholder meeting with 15 local farmers and land owners was held on February 01 in Tübingen, to discuss first outcomes and further activities at the CAMPOS P6 field sites. Regular meetings are planned for the future.

12 January 2018: 1st CAMPOS Science Meeting und 2nd CAMPOS General Assembly

The 1st CAMPOS Science Meeting with 12 scientific talks and 11 posters, followed by the 2nd CAMPOS General Assembly, was scheduled at the University of Tübingen, Großer Senat, Neue Aula.

01 January 2018: SFB CAMPOS – Übersichtsartikel in den “Tübinger Blättern 2018”

08 - 10 November 2017: CAMPOS lysimeters & meteo stations Tailfingen and Entringen installed

In Nov. 2017 the CAMPOS P6 team installed two lysimeters and meteo stations at the Entringen (SM4) and Tailfingen (SM2) sites to measure water and solute/pollutant transport and turnover on agricultural land. Farmers and land owners have been contracted as partners.

10 August 2017: CAMPOS field work ongoing in the Ammer Valley

08 August 2017: The new CAMPOS Collaborative Research Center

20 July 2017: 1st CAMPOS Geoelectrical field campaign at the Mühlbach site

11 April 2017: The new CAMPOS Collaborative Research Center: Press release by the Faculty of Science

16 March 2017: Report / Interviews with CAMPOS principal investigators in SWR4 BW "Regionalmagazin"

"Regionalmagazin", SWR4 BW (Tübingen, 16.03.2017): Interview I (Leven)

"Regionalmagazin", SWR4 BW (Tübingen, 16.03.2017): Interview II (Grathwohl)

13 March 2017: Report on CAMPOS CRC in SWR Aktuell:

06 - 10 March 2017: 1st CAMPOS Drilling Campaign …

…..in cooperation with the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, UFZ. Numerous groundwater monitoring stations at the Mühlbach site (Unterjesingen) were installed and sediment cores were taken using the Helmholtz Sonic Drilling Device.

28 February 2017: 1st CAMPOS General Assembly

On 28. Februar 2017, the 1st CAMPOS General Assembly (the assembly of all CAMPOS principal investigators) was held at the University of Tübingen, Center for Applied Geoscience. Elections of the CAMPOS spokespersons & the CAMPOS executive board were scheduled and the CAMPOS bylaws were discussed and adjusted.