INF Data Management

Principal Investigators

Prof. Dr. Thomas Walter University of Tübingen, Central Data Administration
Prof. Dr. Peter Grathwohl University of Tübingen, Center for Applied Geoscience


Albrecht Baur

University of Tübingen, Wächterstr. 76, 72074 Tübingen

+49 (7071) 29 70302; albrecht.baurspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de


Aim and Work Program

CAMPOS will generate large amounts of data of various kind and relies on data interoperability between its projects and with the whole research community covering CAMPOS. The challenge for the Information Infrastructure Project INF lies in managing easy access to all data associated to CAMPOS using existing data formats where appropriate, and creating new research data formats where necessary. The final goal of the INF project is an accepted data management environment for CAMPOS that can be transferred to similar interdisciplinary environmental-science projects.

To achieve this, the INF project will overcome the burdens of data management policies by

Key objectives are:

All data will be centrally stored together with the necessary metadata, e.g. explaining the generation of the data, their quality status or the measurement device calibration. The project includes the definition of common metadata standards in collaboration with the users and training of all researchers in using the databases for data storage, analysis, and retrieval. Geographic annotation of the data will support web-based interfaces for data retrieval at individual research sites.

Based on the well-known research-data life cycle of data creation, data analysis, and data publishing, an adaption to both the researchers’ project workflow and the technical data life-cycle needs to be achieved. Therefore, a central platform for services and data storage will be implemented that will offer the necessary tools, for all life-cycle tasks and aspects, to all participating CAMPOS researchers.

Schematic illustration of the research data life cycle.