Saskia Brockmann (née Ottschofski), M.A.

Research Interests:

About Me:

I am a fourth year PhD student of English Linguistics at the University of Tübingen and am currently working as research assistant at the Collaborative Research centre 833, project A2.

Having acquired a Bachelor’s degree in International Literature and a Master’s degree in English Linguistics, my aim is to combine both disciplines in a fruitful way. Although the main focus of my research lies within the field of formal semantics, my conviction is that lyrical texts can serve as a valuable data source for many phenomena that have been tried to be explained in a strictly formal semantic way. In my research I want to provide an as profound as possible analysis of phenomena such as pronouns and indexicals that is grounded in including the perspectives of crosslinguistics, first language acquisition and literary scholarship, as well as formal theoretical approaches.

In my Master’s Thesis I tried to find an account that can explain the crosscategorial nature of 'almost' which shows both behavior similar to intensional operators and degree operators. The particle ‘almost’ specifically serves in finding out more about the relation between degree semantics and intensionality.

Another interest of mine lies in the study of phenomena at the semantics-pragmatics interface. Especially with regard to fiction and fictional texts, theories of speech acts and clause types have to be extended to account for the special case of fictional communication as well.