Workshop: Challenges to Compositionality


We wish to bring together linguists who are interested in the mismatch of syntactic form and semantic interpretation. Different meanings do not necessarily have different surface forms: for example, clauses introduced by connectors such as German während and English while can have the same surface form but either a temporal meaning, as in (i), or an adversative meaning, as in (ii).

(i) Mary goes jogging in the park while Joe looks after the baby in the afternoon.

(ii) Mary does morning childcare while John looks after the baby in the afternoon.

Similar phenomenon can be observed with superficially identical relative clauses, as well as adjectival and participial attributes and their different functions, at the lexical level also Romance lexical plurals. Another point of interest are the information-structural conditions on extraction from relative clauses as typical (but not exceptional) islands.

In this workshop we wish to discuss what these findings tell us about compositionality on a broader platform for syntacticians and semanticists.

The program can be found here.


7.-8. February 2019
Wilhelmstr. 50, room 215

Warming Up
6. February, 19.00 h
Gasthausbrauerei "Neckarmüller", Gartenstr. 4

Conference Dinner
7. February, 19.00 h
Restaurant "Da Giovanni", Gartenstr. 80