New dissertations

A whole bunch of SFB members defended their dissertations during the last months!

- Frauke Buscher (A1) on 22nd of June

- Sibylla Wolter (B4) on 30th of June

- Carmen Dörge (Z1) on 7th of July

- Fritz Günther (Z2) on 11th of July

- Ramon Ziai (A4) on 13th of July

- Fabian Schlotterbeck (ass. B1) on 14th of July

- Anthea Schöller (XPrag Franke/Jäger) on 19th of July

- Verena Eikmeier (B7) on 21st of July

- Holger Gauza (B8) on 28th of July

- Melanie Störzer (B8) on 28th of July

Congratulations to all of you!