Upcoming workshops and conferences

We look forward to two SFB colloquiua in the winter term 2018/2019 as well as several other upcoming workshops and conferences.

SFB Colloquium

  • 15.11.2018: SFB-Colloquium with Hedde Zeijlstra (University of Göttingen)
  • 06.12.2018: SFB-Colloquium with Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine (University of Singapore)

Other workshops

  • 09.11.2018: Workshop „Linguistics Meets Literature“ (A2/C1)
  • 16./17.11.2018: GRK 1808 (Ambiguity) two-day workshop “Ambiguity as (Information) Gaps
  • 29.-30.11.2018: Workshop "Psycholinguistic and Computational Perspectives on Non-compositional Meaning in Phrases“ (A3/B9)
  • 30.11.-01.12.2018: Workshop MaTüBe (C6/A5)
  • 07.-08.02.2019: Workshop „Challenges to Compositionality“ (A5/A7/C6/C7)
  • 05.-16.08.2019: XPrag Summer School, Berlin (among others courses by Uli Sauerland, Manfred Krifka and Lyn Frazier)
  • 10.-11.10.2019: SFB-Tage 2019