Upcoming workshops and conferences

Project A1 organises a workshop in cooperation with project B4 of the SFB 732 (Stuttgart) and the SRF Language and Cognition (Stuttgart). The workshop is called “The building blocks and mortar of meaning II” and will take place in Tübingen from 3rd to 4th of November 2017. More information can be found here.

Don’t forget Linguistic Evidence from 15th to 17th of February 2018! The call for papers is now closed, and the programme can be expected by mid-November. Information and updates can be found here.

From 7 to 9 of March 2018, the annual DGfS conference will take place at the University of Stuttgart, and several SFB members offer workshops as part of the conference:

- workshop “Reference Beyond the DP: Towards a Crosslinguistic Typology of the Syntax and Semantics of Proforms” (organized by Vera Hohaus (B1/C1) & Andreas Konietzko (A7))

- workshop “Rede- und Gedankenwiedergabe in narrativen Strukturen” (organised by Maria Averintseva-Klisch, Stefan Engelberg (ass. A5) & Irene Rapp (A5))

- workshop “Relating Elliptical Utterances to Information in Context” (organized by Ingo Reich & Susanne Winkler (A7))