Join the Startup Academy!

Do you have a business idea? Here are the next steps.
By attending the Startup Academy you can benefit from a multitude of hands-on workshops and acquire more in-depth knowledge about your industry. Experts will support you in developing your business models and prepare your start-up for the challenges ahead. We follow the "Lean Startup" principle, in which we "build, measure and learn" together through continuous feedback loops. You can choose between three different tracks or attend all of them at once. We offer you:

  • Entrepreneurship Essentials
  • Life Science Series 
  • Social Innovation Series 

Entrepreneurship Essentials

In 11 workshops you will learn all about the most important steps to start your own business from experts with business and industry experience.

Your benefits:

  • Compact inputs about the most important challenges of founding and running a start-up
  • Hands-on work on your project supported by experts & coaches
  • Contact to the network and start-up support partners of the University of Tübingen
  • Free use of the coworking space and innovation laboratory of the University of Tübingen

Our Entrepreneurship Essentials cover the following topics:

  • Business model development and Business Model Canvas
  • Customer and market analysis
  • Team and project management
  • Financing and funding
  • Pitch training
  • Property and patent rights
  • Prototyping and usability

Dates & Format

  • 28.04.2021 until July 2021
  • every Wednesday at 3.00 pm
  • Format: online course

Program structure

will follow soon.

Who can participate?
The academy is open to all students, employees and researchers from all faculties. All you need is an idea and a team. The courses will be held in English and are free of charge.
You can apply soon.

What is the objective?
We know the challenges you are facing and are happy to help you in mastering them. By attending our program, you can shorten your time-to-market, save money and increase the chance that your start-up will be a success. You will come out with a validated business model, knowing the which steps to take next.

 You can register here.

Life Science Series

Compared to other industries the survival of life science startups is particularly challenging  due to long time periods and the capital requirement until market maturity. This 7-week program concentrates on the life science-specific topics and conveys specific knowledge for single elements of a business model in this industry. Basic entrepreneurship content has a subordinate role, whereas this program i.a. seeks to answer the following questions:



  • Am I actually developing a medical device and if so, how do I determine this?
  • Which norms and standards do I have to consider?
  • Do I know the similarities between company certification and product approval?
  • What renumeration options does my product have in the health system?
  • Is a reimbursement by health insurance companies desirable for my product?
  • Is my product attractive for the self-pay market?

Program structure

  • Remuneration and reimbursement options in the health system
  • Company certification and approval of medical products
  • Clinical evaluation and trials
  • Data/intellectual property rights and its economic exploitation strategies
  • Specifics of foreign health markets


  • High-Profile Experts: The program regards top-class experts a critical value added for participating teams. These hold senior positions in industry, are proven subject matter experts and seasoned entrepreneurs with the corresponding experience and quality of guidance to offer.
  • Individual Sessions: During the 7 weeks high-profile external experts will elaborate on the individual needs of each team in sessions that are individually tailored.

Dates & Format

  • Dates will follow soon
  • Format: Online video conference

Who can apply?

Eligible are all students, professionals, founding teams and innovators, including clinicians, nurses, lab technicians, scientists who want to translate their innovative ideas into health solutions of the following domains:

  • Medical Devices (gadgets, machines, instruments, implants)
  • Therapeutics (drugs, active ingredients)
  • Diagnostics (laboratory tests or procedures)
  • Digital Health (data, analytics, software, monitoring)

The working language is English and the program is free of charge. Individuals and teams can apply soon.

What is the objective?

The participants can survey the life science-specific start-up topics and thus plan ahead. The early strategic consideration of possible complications in the life science sector creates the prerequisite for attaining the necessary maturity in the shortest possible time and for convincing investors. Corresponding barriers to shortening the time to market have been identified and structured in an individual project plan.

Social Innovation Series

The Social Innovation Camp will take place in January. Experienced coaches and mentors will teach you on ethical design, leadership and management skills.
You can expect a 2-day social entrepreneurial method flight:

  • Analyzing challenges
  • Developing ideas
  • Working out solutions
  • Planning projects
  • work strategically
  • learn to communicate more purposeful
  • develop your organization (further)

Dates and Format

  • Dates will follow soon.
  • Format: online attendance 

Who can participate?
Students and professionals. If you have an idea, started a project or founded a social enterprise and you want to train your social entrepreneurial skills, then the camp is the right place for you. But even without an existing project idea you are welcome to develop it during the camp or join an existing team. Application will be open soon.

What is the goal?
At the end of the camp you will have reflected and developed your project from different perspectives, acquired new knowledge and skills, improved your communication skills and expanded your personal network. You will be well prepared for future projects - large or small.