Urgeschichte und Naturwissenschaftliche Archäologie

NWA Fachschaft

Hello and welcome!

We are the fachschaft for the Master's program of Archaeological Sciences and Human Evolution (ASHE; program details). A fachschaft is similar to a student union crossed with a student council, and we help the faculty and program better serve it's student body. Above all, we see ourselves as the voice of the students, but also as a "medium", or negotiators between the interests of ASHE students and the lecturers. We maintain regular contact with the lecturers in order to pass on our impressions from daily university life, but also to find out what their concerns are and what's happening in university admin. This sub-group of the UFG Fachschaft was created in the WS 19/20 as a more efficient way to address the needs, thoughts, and concerns of ASHE students.

We are also taking responsibility for fielding questions from new and prospective students on the organization of ASHE and daily student life, as well as organizing introductory and advisory activities at the starts of Winter semesters for new students, so please feel free to write us if you're ever in doubt!

The Fachschaft is working on compiling a list of frequently asked questions and things students wished they knew into a student compiled resource guide for the Master's ASHE. If you are a new or prospective student or have any questions, please contact the Fachschaft to ask for this document.