Yuichi Naito

"Tübingen is a quite beautiful city surrounded by beautiful environment and convenient for performing interdisciplinary researches."

Yuichi Naito is concerned with the origin and evolution of modern human behaviors, while the beauty of Tübingen is calling him to stroll through the city.

Dr. Yuichi Naito

Nagoya University, Biogeology

  2012-2014 Postdoctoral Researcher, research projects with Prof. Dr. Stefan B. Haderlein, funded by JSPS
  "Tübingen Reloaded Fellow" in October 2017, research visit from October to December 2018
Host Professor Prof. Dr. Hervé Bocherens
and Institute Department of Geoscience

I was able to discuss and setup the experimental environments for future projects.

What is your main research field and interest?

"I have so far studied evolutionary biology, evolutionary anthropology, geochemistry and analytical chemistry. My main interest revolves around the origin and evolution of modern human behaviors and the use of analytical techniques to answer questions on the research topic.

The project initiated in Tuebingen led to many publications including important findings that Neandertals from Spy Cave had trophic positions similar to those of Holocene hunter-gatherers, strongly suggesting that their subsistence were like a kind of ordinary hunter-gatherers."

What were you working on during your stay in Tübingen?

"During my stay as a postdoc granted from JSPS in the Department of Geosciences in 2012-2014, I was engaged in compound-specific isotope analysis on single amin acids in human and faunal skeletal remains from the late Pleistocene Europe. The project was performed in collaboration with AG Environmental Mineralogy & Chemistry (Prof. Haderlein) as well as other staff at University Tuebingen. I was able to discuss and setup the experimental environments for future projects."